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As you may remember I had the opportunity to go on the In The Bleachers podcast with Michael Felder earlier this summer to discuss my alma mater, the Georgia Bulldogs. I had a lot of fun on the show and Michael must have too because he invited me back this week to be his week one guest and discuss his "Slate of Eight" games for the week. Just two weeks ago Michael had Bomani Jones on the show so it's definitely an honor to be the first guest for his "Slate of Eight" series.

We talked Wisconsin/UNLV, SMU/Texas A&M, Miami/Maryland, BYU/Ole Miss, TCU/Baylor, South Florida/Notre Dame and then spent a little longer on Boise St/Georgia and Oregon/LSU. What I found interesting and I think will come off good on the podcast (I haven't listed to it just yet) is that we didn't necessarily agree on a few of the games. So in this podcast you get not one perspective on why a team will win but two different perspectives on why different teams will win. Head over to the In The Bleachers site if you haven't already and give the show a listen. Michael has multiple ways to access the show on his site or you can just head over to Itunes and do a search for the In The Bleachers podcast. I highly recommend getting an Itunes subscriptions (it's free people!) as he had consistently good guests and the show is a good listen.

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