Previously we took a look at the returning offensive firepower in the Big 12 and the SEC. Now it's time to look at the ACC and find out who has the most horsepower coming back from last year.

Passing TPY RPY % Yardage Returning
Duke 3256 3256 100.00%
Miami (Fl) 3105 3105 100.00%
Boston College 2225 2225 100.00%
Maryland 2791 2787 99.86%
NC State 3655 3641 99.62%
Wake Forest 1726 1604 92.93%
Georgia Tech 1091 417 38.22%
FSU 2938 894 30.43%
Clemson 2544 330 12.97%
Virginia 3186 387 12.15%
Virginia Tech 2850 107 3.75%
UNC 3432 14 0.41%

*TPY= 2010 total passing yards

*RPY= Passing Yards from 2010 for players returning in 2011

Half of the teams in the league return almost all of their QB production from last year but outside of NC State and Maryland i'm not sure too many fans are pumped about their returning starters. QB will be a very interesting position to watch in the ACC this year with Clemson, FSU, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Virginia, and UNC all breaking in new starters.

Rushing TRY RRY % Yardage Returning
NC State 1590 1590 100.00%
Duke 1320 1320 100.00%
Boston College
1662 1637 98.50%
FSU 2400 2215 92.29%
Wake Forest 1902 1585 83.33%
Maryland 1796 1056 58.80%
Miami (Fl) 2388 1319 55.23%
Virginia 1672 817 48.86%
Georgia Tech 4203 2025 48.18%
Clemson 2806 915 32.61%
Virginia Tech 2438 792 32.49%
UNC 1634 354 21.66%

*TRY= 2010 Total Rushing Yards

*RRY= Rushing Yards from 2010 for players returning in 2011

The top 3 teams in terms of returning production (NC State, Duke, and BC) all finished in the bottom 4 of the league in rushing offense. So while it's nice to have so much production back it might not actually mean that much. Of the teams that finished in the Top 3 in the conference in rushing last year it is FSU that returns the most production. Georgia Tech finished 1st in the conference in rushing last year by a wide margin but they will be breaking in a new option QB (unless Tevan Washington- who logged significant minutes in 5 games last year- wins the job) and also lose their best RB in Anthony Allen.

Receiving TotRec RetRec % Receptions Returning
FSU 249 249 100.00%
BC 180 155 86.11%
Clemson 230 186 80.87%
Wake Forest 166 134 80.72%
Duke 295 238 80.68%
Virginia Tech 200 156 78.00%
Georgia Tech 64 46 71.88%
Virginia 262 180 68.70%
Miami (Fl) 240 143 59.58%
UNC 283 167 59.01%
NC State 319 176 55.17%
Maryland 219 83 37.90%

*TotRec= Total 2010 Receptions

*RetRec= Receptions from 2010 for players returning in 2011

Both BC and Wake Forest return the majority of production from the QB and WR position but they finished 10th and 11th in the conference in passing yardage last year. Does this mean they will increase their production because of their returning players or will they stay at the status quo? FSU looks like they are in really good shape with all of the talent they have returning at RB and WR. If E.J. Manuel can play consistent football then they could have a very explosive offensive.


Taking into account the three metrics above (passing yards returning, rushing yards returning and receptions returning) I have compiled a "firepower" ranking which tells us which teams have the most offensive statistics returning from last year. What does this mean? I think it means different things for different teams but for consistency sake it means a lot for teams that have guys coming back. This is an interesting tool to use in conjunction with who teams having coming to challenge for playing time. This ranking is one of the reasons that FSU is getting a lot of Top 10 buzz this spring. It also looks like Boston College might be ready to step back up this year as in addtion to ranking 1st in returning offensive firepower they have 3 players on our "Pre-Spring All-ACC teams".

1. Boston College

2. Duke

3. Florida State

4. Wake Forest

5. NC State

6. Miami (Fl)

7. Maryland

8. Clemson

9. Georgia Tech

10. Virginia

11. Virginia Tech

12. UNC