I got invited earlier this summer to take part in our friend Kyle Kensing's "Detmer Award" over at Saturday Blitz. What exactly is the "Detmer Award"? Here is how he describes it:

The five non-BCS conferences and 75 percent of the independents are differentiated from the Big Six in virtually every other facet, so it only makes sense the best players from this subdivision-subdivision have an award for its best player. Just as fitting is for this honor to bear the name of the last player from one of these universities to win college football’s top honor, 1990 Heisman winner and BYU quarterback Ty Detmer. SaturdayBlitz.com will track this completely exclusive field’s progress throughout the season.

We are honored to be asked to vote on this award alongside such great bloggers like Patrick Johnson from Big East Coast Bias, the guys from the Upset Blog, the Navy Bird Dog, and Kevin McGuire of the National Football Examiner (and virtually every other college football blog on the internet) among others. Kyle asked the pollsters for this award to submit their Pre-SeasonTop 5 to him for this award. Here is what the group came up with. Check out their picks and then come back read mine and give me some feedback if you dare:


#1 Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State

There is an annoying commercial that comes on the radio in the Atlanta market and it references the "biggest no brainer in the history of earth". This IS the biggest no-brainer in the history of earth. If Kellen Moore is not your pre-season pick for the Detmer Award then I have to question your non-AQ IQ.

#2 Ed Wesley, RB, TCU

Wesley ran for over 1,000 yards last year and did so at almost 6.5 yards per carry. Look for the running game to be used more by Gary Patterson at the start of the year and look for Wesley to be a bigger part of the offense.

#3 Doug Martin, RB, Boise State

At it's heart Boise State is a running football team. We remember them for their trick plays but they will just run the ball down your throat for four quarters if you let them. Martin had over 1,200 yards last year but look for him to be a bigger part of the offense (if that's possible) with the loss of Titus Young and Austin Pettis.

#4 Austin Davis, QB, Southern Miss

I bet you thought I was going Case Keenum here, didn't you? Just admit it you don't have to be ashamed. While Keenum would be the sexy pick, Davis is the smart one. The Golden Eagles were in the Top 20 last year in terms of Total Offense and they were in the Top 15 of points scored. Davis had a great TD to INT ratio as last year it was 20:6 and for his career it is 53:16. Another thing that impresses me is that his statistics don't drop off on the road, so you can take him in any opponents stadium and he will perform at his highest level.

#5 Bryant Moniz, QB, Hawaii

You want stats? I'll give you stats. Over 5,000 yards passing, 39 TDs, If you aren't keeping track those stats put him #1 in the FBS in passing yardage and passing TDs. And guess what? With the departure of Boise State from the MWC, Hawaii is now one of the big dogs in the WAC and did I mention that Moniz two worst games last year were against USC and Boise. Guess what? They aren't on the schedule this year.


Hope you enjoyed this, if you did then I will re-post my ballot each week and link over to Kyle's site so you can see how the others are feeling. Also, I want to announce that I am going to be spearheading Bloguin's Heisman Poll this year. Last year Matt Yoder, who is the lead editor for Awful Announcing, was the front-man but he's passing the torch to me this year. It is still undecided if it will be posted weekly here at CFBZ or if it will be on a different Bloguin site. One thing I know for sure is that it will debut next week.