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There are differing thoughts on scheduling among ADs and coaches. Some prefer to be rested and some prefer to be tested. Sometimes when schedules are made teams end up being better or worse than they were originally projected to be. That being said, there are several teams out there that are undefeated but I still have a bunch of question marks about them. For the purpose of keeping this somewhat brief we will take a look at five teams that fit this criteria this week.



Cal went just 5-7 last year after starting 2-0. This year they've started 2-0 against a similar schedule to last year except they played Fresno State instead of Nevada with Colin Kaepernick. In 2010, the Golden Bears fell apart once the Pac-10 schedule started as they went just 3-6 in the conference. The game at Washington this weekend is huge for Cal as the Huskies are going to want to put a W on the board after falling the Nebraska this past weekend. After the Washington game, the Golden Bears play at Oregon and the USC. The Washington game could very well be a lynch pin of their season. 4-0 would set them up very nicely but 3-1 could quickly turn into 3-3 and the season could turn much like it did last year.

Are the Golden Bears FACT or FICTON? I'm going to lean toward fiction. Their victories are against two 1-2 teams and Presbyterian.

Next Game: 9/24 Washington (2-1)

Next Ranked Opponent: 10/6 at Oregon (2-1)


Paul Johnson and his troups on the flats have done what they do the best- they have pounded the crap out of the sisters of the poor. They beat Western Carolina 63-21, Middle Tennessee 49-21 and beat up on the ugly football step-sister of the Big 12, the Kansas Jayhawks, by a ridiculous score of 66-24. To me Georgia Tech is a function of who they have played. That being said, they don't play a team currently ranked in the Top 25 until the very end of October so they have a chance to build up a pretty impressive record.

While they don't play Top 25 teams they do have some good competition in UNC, North Carolina State and Maryland coming up. None of those teams will make you shake in your boots but they are all capable of beating you and NC State (with Russell Wilson) put a good hurting on Georgia Tech last year.

Are the Yellow Jackets FACT or FICTON? I think they are fiction but with their schedule I think they could end up being fact. Let's see how they do against the teams from North Carolina and we will re-visit this down the road.

Next Game: 9/24 vs UNC (3-0)

Next Ranked Opponent: 10/29 vs Clemson (3-0)


Houston has started out with UCLA, North Texas and Louisiana Tech. They beat North Texas by 21 but their combined margin of victory in the other two games is just 5 points. Houston's record is most definitely a function of their schedule and it only looks to get better as their season goes on. As it stands right now the only teams with winning records left on Houston's schedule are UTEP (lost to SMU by 11), Tulane (lost to Tulsa by 28), and SMU (lost to Texas A&M by 32). Houston has a legitimate chance to go undefeated and beat nobody.

Are the Cougars FACT or FICTON? Their 3-0 is definitely fiction. They could be a good team when it's all said and done but we will ever know based on who they are set to play this year.

Next Game: 9/24 vs Georgia State (1-2)

Next Ranked Opponent: None on the schedule


Nebraska opened up the season with three home games and won them by an average of 19.6 points per game. Not too bad. If you look at their last two games (Fresno State and Washington) they won both of those by 13 points but gave up an average of 33.5 points per game. The 29 points given up to Fresno State would have been the third most given up on the 2010 schedule had it happened last year and the 38 given up against Washington was surpassed in 2010 only by the 41 that Oklahoma State put up on them (in a 51-41 Nebraska win). Despite being 3-0, the Huskers have not done so impressively. The good news is Wyoming is on the schedule next so they still have a chance to work out some kinks before they go to Camp Randall on October 1st. 

Are the Cornhuskers FACT or FICTON? This is a tough one. I think the Huskers can still be a very good team. In terms of being a contender for the Big Ten title I think they are fiction right now but in terms of being a legit Top 25 team I think they are fact.

Next Game: 9/24 at Wyoming (3-0)

Next Ranked Opponent: at Wisconsin (3-0)


Texas has won big over Rice and UCLA as their combined margin of victory was 27. They also have a 1 point victory over a BYU team that got squashed by Utah by 44 points last week. Texas is a much tougher discussion than the other teams because they overhauled their coaching staff in the off-season and they also made a QB switch just last week. Cae McCoy came in against UCLA and went 12 of 15 for 168 and 2 TD. Texas can be pretty good this year if they can get that type of performance from their QB and true frosh Malcolm Brown runs the way he did last week. The problem with Texas, more so than any other team we've talked about in this article, is that they play a really tough schedule.

Are the Longhorns FACT or FICTION? If we are judging this on improvement over last year then they are fact. They will be better than last year and should hover around the Top 25 all year long. If we are judging based on if they are a Big 12 contender then they are fiction as they simply don't match-up with the top tier of the Big 12 this year.

Next Game: 10/1 at Iowa State (3-0)

Coming Up: 10/8 vs Oklahoma (2-0)

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