We are back for week three of our "On Notice" feature with Matt Elder of BuffaloBillsDraft.com. Back in week one Matt called the Richmond upset over Duke and since then we've decided to make this a weekly feature. Only our really good readers will be able to find out who Matt put "on notice" last week, so just forget last week happened. Matt's got an interesting feature on Baylor's Robert Griffin III up on his site this week. So make sure you head over there and check that out, RG3 is currently tied for third in the Bloguin Heisman Poll I am running over at The Crystal Ball Run site. In terms of "betting lines" Matt only has one upset pick this week but he has two other upset picks based on popular opinion.


Washington Huskies over Nebraska Cornhuskers (Nebraska favored by 17)

The Nebraska option should still be effective in this game but Washington has done a good job of controlling the clock with Chris Polk and seems to be only a play or two away from their passing game finally syncing up. If it does then Nebraska better pray Dennard gets back because nobody else can cover Jermaine Kearse. Washington's offense starts clicking and they come away with the upset of the weekend.


Miami Hurricanes over Ohio State Buckeyes

Miami has a chip on their shoulder as much any team in the nation, and as much as people want to get down on Jacory Harris I think he's going to come out firing. Look for Miami to rely heavily on Lamar Miller to wear down an OSU defense which has not yet been tested on the ground. Basically this is going to come down to who wants it more and right now I think that's going to be Miami.


Notre Dame Fighting Irish over Michigan State Spartans

I dont care what Vegas has the line at, ND is not ranked and winless coming into this game and has shot itself in the foot every step of the way. That being said ND is due, and Michigan State has not looked anything close to elite. If ND can stop turning over the ball in the red-zone and instead turn that into points then they will win this game. Cierre Wood is a beast at RB and has been unstoppable thus far. Look for ND to go run heavy v. Sparty and come away with win #1.


EDITOR NOTE: and while we are discussing upsets make sure you check out our SEC Predictions this week as Jay and I take our stab at all of the games on the SEC slate as Jay has an upset pick of his own for this week. For another upset alert keep your eye on USC/Syracuse, USC is a 17 point favorite. I don't know if Syracuse can pull the out-right upset but if I was a betting man I would be putting some money on the 'Cuse.