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The Bloguin network has a solid group of college football blogs and bloggers. Now that we have started our 2012 pre-season previews, I thought it would be a good idea to get the ball rolling on a weekly look around the network at some of the best and most noteworthy pieces or writing and news. I've included excerpts from these links as well as some of my thoughts on the link/subject matter.. You can find the excerpts from the articles in italics.

Clemson and FSU Headed to the Big 12?

Cemetery Hill has an interesting piece up on the "rumored" Big 12 expansion. Here's an excerpt:

- Clemson and Florida State will likely join the Big 12 in all sports effective in 2013. At this time the Big 12 will only expand by two teams, and possibly look to add additional teams in 2014 or beyond.

-The first Big 12 Championship with the two new teams will be played at Cowboy Stadium aka Jerry World.

Interesting stuff but I have to take a wait and see approach on this one. Losing Clemson and FSU would be a huge blow to the football side of the ACC and a major coup for the Big 12. 


Mark Richt Won't Limit Transfers

Aaron Torres of Crystal Ball Run takes a look at Mark Richt's transfer policy. 

Apparently, not only is Richt willing to work with his players overall, but basically allows them to transfer wherever the heck they feel like playing, regardless of whether that school is a future Bulldogs opponent or not. If you want out of Georgia, Mark Richt makes no restrictions.

Still, given everything that we’ve read over these past few weeks, Richt’s stance truly is a breath of fresh air.

I definitely agree with Aaron here. When you think about it, the guys that transfer from schools generally aren't starters and if they are there is usually a reason they are transferring (academics, rule violations, etc). Let them get a fresh start wherever they want. As long as there is no foul play (cough...James Franklin...cough) then let the kids go where they want provided they sit out the transfer year. 


Blatant Homerism's Allen Kenney takes a look at potential OU wins totals

I think Oklahoma has the chance to be one of the elite teams in the nation this season. What does Allen think?

This is actually pretty easy. I know that I won't go lower than 9 wins. Two of the three sets of numbers suggest the appropriate number is more like 9.5. With a win projection of 9.79, the win odds indicate OU is more likely to go over 9.5 than under. And, let's face it, it has been more of a surprise when OU has lost more than two regular season games in a season under Bob Stoops.

Therefore, I'd set the line at 9.5 with the juice on the over.

9.5 wins for Oklahoma this year feels a little low to me. I expect them to win the Big 12 and be in the National Championship conversation.


The Ole Miss Blog takes a look at their drug policy

Under the policy currently found in the handbook a first offense at Ole Miss gets an athlete counseling sessions and more tests. A second offense leads to a loss of privileges like complimentary family tickets and perhaps community service. Only on the third offense is there a three-game suspension. 

That's a weak drug policy. 

Hugh Freeze and Ross Bjork told Kellenberger they are reviewing the policy. They should.

I do agree that it's a weak drug policy when compared to the rest across the SEC. I'm still on board with the thought process that the SEC should have one common set of rules for drugs so that everybody is treated equally.


The Games of our Lives: 2002 Penn State vs Nebraska

Ryan Murphy of the Nittany Lion's Den takes a look back at a page in Penn State history. I'm not a Penn State fan but as a fan of the sport I enjoy taking a look back at the past and I've enjoyed this series since Ryan has been writing it.

Penn State didn’t instill much confidence in their fan base heading into the big Nebraska game. If the two previous seasons didn’t discourage (5-7 in 2000 and 5-6 in 2001), then the narrow victory in the season opener over the University of Central Florida Knights, a mediocre member of the MAC conference, certainly did. Nevertheless, the visit from an illustrious football program with memorable ties to Penn State’s glory days energized the Nittany Nation. A record-setting crowd (110, 753 officially) promised to do everything they could to help their Lions; the rest would be up to the hungry Lion players on a warm September night.


WSU Football Blog recaps the offensive outlook coming out of spring

Due to his pesky liver problem (laceration, not alcohol related) which was compounded by a hit early in camp, Connor Halliday never really had a chance to pose a threat to Jeff Tuel's starting spot as many had expected. After what to me seemed like a bit of a slow start, Tuel put a stranglehold on his spot, ripping up the #1 defense (or what was left of it) in the Crimson and Gray game to head into the fall as the undisputed leader of the team.

With all of the coaching changes in the Pac-12, it is one of the most intriguing conferences this year. Mike Leach taking over at Wazzu might be the most interesting of all. This is a team to watch. 


Madtown Badgers college bucket list includes the Cy-Hawk trophy?

The jokes are all over the place (Iowa's version of Iowa State "jokes" and Iowa State's Iowa jokes) and and no matter if the game is played in Ames or in Iowa City it's a time for the entire state (unless you are a dirty Huskers fan) to gather and celebrate what makes the state great, it's people and it's awesome tailgating.

It's always interesting to me to see the perspective that others have when it comes to sports because never in a million years would the Cy-Hawk trophy game be on my bucket list. Probably because I'm from the south and was born and raised here. Maybe if I was from the midwest it would be different.


Eerinsider takes a look at some really early Big 12 bowl projections

Meineke Car Care Bowl:

Kansas St (Big 12 #6) vs. Big Ten #6

Comment: Kansas St is another team who could move up in the projections. With a combination of tough games on the road, and a couple toss-ups at home, the Wildcats season could go either way. At this time, I'm concerned about the passing game, so I dropped them into the 6th spot.

I really think people are sleeping on Kansas State. They return 9 starters on offense and 7 on defense and if they weren't Kansas State they would have been in a BCS bowl last year. They will contend for the Big 12 title this year. No way they finish in sixth in the conference. Mark that down.


Kevin McGuire takes a look at the Tommy Rees situation

According to reports Rees and Calabrese were arrested just after midnight on the 700 block of Notre Dame Avenue. Calabrese was released before 4 a.m. while Rees was not. He could remain in jail for up to 48 hours according to WNDU.

It's never good for your potential starting QB to end up in jail. It will be very interesting to see how this turns out for the Irish. It's not like Rees is all world, in fact he's unliked by some of the fanbase. Notre Dame has had a rough off-season with this and the Aaron Lynch transfer. Could this be a blessing in disguise or is Rees truly Notre Dame's best QB? And will Brian Kelly attempt to brush this under the rug.



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