Every year there are some questionable decisions made by student athletes in declaring for the draft in their respective sports. They make those decisions for different reasons (family reasons, school issues, bad advice, coaching issues, etc). Take a jump over to Pro Football Talk for a list of the full 65 guys that declared for the NFL draft. Here are some guys that I believe would have benefited from staying in school for one more year:


QB Darron Thomas, Oregon- Thomas has been very successful as a starting QB at Oregon but his prospects at the NFL level are questionable. I'm reading that Thomas is looking at the fifth round (as of right now) as his best landing spot. Unless he can really impress scouts with his "intangibles" then he might not even get drafted. At best, Thomas is a project at the NFL level.


QB Barrett Trotter, Auburn- Another surprise at the QB position as Trotter announced that he would not be coming back to Auburn for his final season. Originally it was phrased in a way that made me think he was just moving on to his next stage of life but he did put his name in the hat for the NFL draft. He was Auburn's best QB last year but couldn't hold down he starters job for the entire season. If his goal is to go pro then his only choice should have been to come back to school. Of course, knowing what kind of offense you are going to run would have helped and Gene Chizik hasn't made that decision yet. He's 6'2" so he has decent size but I would be very surprised if he was drafted.


RB Edwin Baker, Michigan State- The normal thought I have for a RB going pro is "go get your money". RBs take a ton of hits during their career and when the time is right, they should go get their money in the NFL. For Baker the time wasn't right. In 2010, Baker ran 207 times for over 1200 yards and 13 TDs. But this year he was outperformed by Le'Veon Bell and only ran the ball for 665 yards and saw his ypc reduce from 5.8 to 3.9. Bell basically said he didn't want to come back and get injured. Baker's stock significantly took a hit in 2011 and I think he would have benefited from another season in Lansing.


QB Brock Osweiler, Arizona State- In Osweiler's first year at the helm of the Sun Devils offense he got some good publicity, but a lot of it was because of how tall he is (6'7"). It would have been a challenge for Osweiler to learn a new offense in his senior season but with his intangibles he had a chance to really improve his draft stock. As it stands now he could be a second or third round pick, next year he could have played himself higher.


RB Darrell Scott, South Florida- Another RB. Yes, I know I told the RBs to take the money and run but that's more for elite college RBs. Darrell Scott ended up at USF by way of Colorado. Coming out of High School he was the #1 back for some scouting services and even drew comparisons to LaDainian Tomlinson. Last season, at USF he ran for 814 yards, 5.3 ypc and 5 TDs and with a break-out senior season he could have really upgraded his draft position.

For those that enjoy the draft take a look at our three round mock draft that was posted earlier in the week.

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