Hello again college football fanatics and zealots, it's time to take another trip to the past and review what happened this week in college football. It's the off-season so chances are that things did not go well for those ending up in this column....

tuberville2Tommy has seen better times

Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville is the latest coach to land in hot water. He's being sued and accused of defrauding investors to the tune of $1.7 million. According to the Associated Press article, Tubs claims he did nothing wrong and even invested money without getting any return. Keep an eye on this one as it doesn't feel like it's going away. Hopefully Tubs didn't get any advice from Jim Donnan.

Starting in 2013, it looks like South Carolina and Arkansas will no longer be East/West division rivals. South Carolina will now be "rivals" with Texas A&M and Arkansas will move to a more traditional rivalry with Missouri (which makes a lot of sense for Missou and Arky). Gamecocks fans were polled and 76% of them favored the move of rival from Arkansas to Texas A&M. Sounds to me like Gamecocks fans think they can win a little easier against the Aggies then they can against the fighting Petrino's.

Once upon a time, Dillion Baxter was a 5-star running back that Scout.com ranked #5 in his class and lofted 5-stars in his direction. As a freshman at USC in 2010, Baxter totaled 252 yards rushing in 10 games with 1 TD. He also caught 11 passes and completed two with one going for a TD. In 2011, Baxter only ran the ball 9 times for the Trojans for 29 yards and ended up transferring to San Diego State. Word has come down that he is no longer at San Diego State. It's sad to see kids with so much talent wasting it.

There are reports that Temple has agreed to join the Big East this fall, which would give them 8 teams for league play in 2012. Of course, there is another report with Temple denying the move. Temple says they are still "evaluating". If I'm in Temple's shoes, I think I have to go to the Big East. I know it hurts because they kicked you out in the past but it's clearly a step up from the MAC. That being said, Temple isn't a team that's going to help the Big East grow in the long term. It's simply a school that will help them stay afloat in the short term. With Temple, you know what you are getting and they aren't really adding value to the conference.


My Favorite Links From This Week:

SB Nation branched out recently and started up a YouTube channel with original programming. I've only recently been able to check out some of this and while it is not a polished final product like you will find on TV it's definitely interesting. It seems a bit risky in that they are going against the platform they've always used (blogs), are now trying to transition some of their fans to a different medium (videos) and are obvioulsy sinking some money into this venture, but it also makes sense as a "next step". There are some very talented people involved in the YouTube programming like Bomani Jones, Spencer Hall (EDSBS) and Dan Rubenstein (Solid Verbal) so it's something you should check out and form your own opinion on.

Turfburner reviews Big 12 players results from the NFL Combine.

When the news broke a couple of weeks ago about Georgia State's possible move to the FCS we had a brief article up on the subject. The Georgia State site Panther Talk makes the "Definitive Case for FBS Move."

LSU QB Zach Mettenberger is the heir apparent to replace Jordan Jefferson this year. You should remember that he was kicked out of Georgia after pleading guilty to sexual misdemeanor which was directly led to by underage drinking (and added to by lying to his football coach). You think he would probably think twice about posting a joke on twitter about cocaine. Apparently not. I'm not sure what schools teach kids about social media these days but it certainly is not enough.

Also, congrats to one of our contributors, Pete Sonski, who will now be joining our buddies over at Big East Coast Bias.

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