I got invited last year to take part in our friend Kyle Kensing's "Detmer Award" over at Saturday Blitz. What exactly is the "Detmer Award"? Here is how he describes it:

The five non-BCS conferences and 75 percent of the independents are differentiated from the Big Six in virtually every other facet, so it only makes sense the best players from this subdivision-subdivision have an award for its best player. Just as fitting is for this honor to bear the name of the last player from one of these universities to win college football’s top honor, 1990 Heisman winner and BYU quarterback Ty Detmer. SaturdayBlitz.com will track this completely exclusive field’s progress throughout the season.

Here is my week three ballot based on game performance. Feel free to chime in with who you would have voted for based on last weeks performance...

#1 Derek Carr, Fresno State- Carr went 17 of 22 for 300 yards and 5 TDs, all in the first half, in Fresno State's destruction of Colorado.

#2 Robbie Rouse, Fresno State- had four, yes four, first quarter TDs (two rushing, two receiving) as Fresno State went up 35-0 at the end of the first quarter in their win over Colorado. He finished with 144 yards rushing on 16 ypc. He would have had more but Colorado was overmatched and he had to be pulled so Fresno didn't eclipse the century mark.

#3 Jordan Lynch, NIU- Threw for 342 yds and 4 TD and ran for 125 and 1 TD in one point victory over Army.

#4 DJ Harper, Boise St- ran for 162 yards and 3 TD and averaged 10.1 ypc. Oh yeah, he also caught a 21 yard TD pass.

#5 David Fales, SDSU- thre for 370 yards and 3 TDs and had 3 receivers go over 100 yards receiving in a 20 point victory over Colorado State.


To see the full results of the week on voting make sure you head over to the feature article at The Saturday Blitz.

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