UCLA- Colorado U60

In honor of me and my CU graduate brother-in-law being in Boulder this weekend to see the UCLA massacre, I’ll take a shot on a total this week as my Best Bet.

When totals start getting into the upper 50’s it usually takes two teams to push the game over, and I just don’t see how Colorado is supposed to score their share of points here.

It is still early in the season and we don’t have a very large sample size with which to work with, but the UCLA defense has played pretty well so far this season and I don’t see them letting this one get away from them. The Bruins are allowing 21.75 ppg, but that is against teams that are averaging 28.94 ppg.


On the other hand the Colorado offense is averaging 22 ppg, but that is against defenses that are allowing 29.22 ppg. That number was inflated when Colorado scored 21 points in the fourth quarter last week against Washington State. The Buffs will find out soon enough that the Bruins defense isn’t Washington State.

The bigger concern here is UCLA scoring too many points on offense, but outside of that Fresno State game, which got away from the Buffs early, the Colorado defense has played fairly well and should put up enough resistance to keep UCLA somewhere in the 30’s. I just can’t see Colorado keeping pace and scoring in the upper 20’s.

UCLA 38 Colorado 17


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